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Don Draper may or may not have inspired the elevation of Coke from a soft drink to a movement, but there's no question these Coke can artists take "pop" art to a new level. Mad Men Mario and Luigi look like they're gonna pop someone – they must be on their...
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Altoids, the "curiously strong mints," have served many purposes since their inception in the 18th century. From fighting bad breath to ridding "poisons in the stomach," the ubiquitous metal tins are just as much as a selling point as the lozenges themselves. Take a look at how some talented and imaginative...
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We all know that Q-Tips are essential for painting your nails and cleaning your ears. But what about Q-Tips as a muse... and a genius art medium? Maybe there is such thing as “too clean.”   Image source: neenahpaperblog Q-Tips don’t grow on trees! Except when they do.   Image source:...
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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots represent the age-old battle of red versus blue. Even with a limited range of motion and actions, the brightly colored robots have kept children and adults alike entertained for decades. Artists show us there's more to our favorite angsty robots than just flying fists of fury....
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Tagged in: retro toys

Remember that time in 2013 when Twinkies almost stopped existing? Those were dark times, indeed. Artists have taken to immortalizing the well-loved, well-processed afterschool snack, just in case there's another Twinkie apocalypse scare.

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