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Featured Artists

Unfortunately for everyone, Louis Vuitton didn't exist during the Renaissance, but artist Jason Alper is here to rectify the situation! Alper adds a little high fashion to classic paintings from various movements in art history. A movement in itself, these pieces have an added a "je ne sai quoi" that even...
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Food artist Jessica Siskin takes playing with your food to a whole new level. Her Instagram account, mister_krisp, is chock full o' her amazing, edible Rice Krispie Treat sculptures. From pets to emojis to other every day goods, mister_krisp is insta-delish.  Number Crunching Math has never gone down so easily... A Well-Balanced...
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  Alana McCarthy is an amazing, award-winning illustrator.  Her commercial clients have included The Wall Street Journal, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Scholastic, Penguin Books, and Absolut Vodka. She also created the adorably fresh logo for our sister site Freak4MyPet.com. Alana is best known for her Geeky Pet art, which depicts cats, and the...
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If there were a Super Bowl for brand-inspired and fan art artists, Erin Lareau would be a shining star player. A costume and accessories designer who's been creating beautiful outfits, mics, stands, and guitars for Katy Perry since 2008, Erin's also worked with countless other luminaries including Taylor Swift, Pink, Slash,...
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In the opening moments of Anna Campbell's short documentary, we see a fan surfing Tumblr on her laptop as a TV in the background crashes through the opening titles for Supernatural. It's a familiar, comforting POV for fans of the show that's ranked the most popular on Tumblr in 2014. Campbell's...
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