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Brand Land

  Whether Barbie was your beloved sidekick or the toy you tore apart, Mattel’s famous doll has become a beloved staple in many children’s homes. Introduced on March 9th, 1959, the Barbie doll has became an icon of beauty, culture and fashion for the past 56 years. Though met with some...
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Today we celebrate what would have been Momofuku Ando’s 105 birthday. Ando, the inventor of the instant ramen, is remembered not only for his groundbreaking invention but also for the art he has inspired. In 2000, the instant ramen was voted as one of the country’s top inventions of the 20th...
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Alex Chinneck is a British artist who specializes in distorting people’s perceptions. In order to do this, Chinneck has theatrically manipulated familiar architectural scenarios. In the past, he has inverted buildings and made them look like their facades are melting or sliding into the street. He has also made a...
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Hershey’s, Godiva, Ghiradelli, Cadbury, or Dove- if its chocolate we want it. Thankfully we’re in prime chocolate season right now. We’ve still got a few Valentine’s Day truffles left and all our favorite Easter treats are in the stores. In order to celebrate this beautiful chocolate season, we’ve rounded up...
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Oh Valentine’s Day- a holiday supposedly about expressing love, sending cards, flowers and teddy bears, but lets be real here- Valentine’s day is all about the candy! Whether you are single, dating, betrothed, married or divorced candy is pretty much all you should be eating this weekend. While some of us...
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