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Fan Art Finds

Fanfiction authors are reacting to the news that the for-profit site ebooks-tree.com has stolen works from hundreds of authors' pages on Archive of Our Own, Tumblr, and other sites. Ebooks Tree reposted works, but only the name of the work and the author is visible, requiring a login and credit card number to download them.

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The '90s were a Golden Age for cartoons. Both Nickelodeon and Disney Channel were filled with countless hours of quality television. However, what made the '90s such a great time for TV was the iconic feminist cartoon characters produced that inspired me to ask for what I wanted, to not be afraid of myself, and to take on the patriarchy.

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If you’ve never cosplayed before, getting over the initial fear of humiliation can be an enormous hurdle. Even at a convention like WonderCon, where it seems the cosplayers outnumber civilians at times, it can take a lot of self-confidence to get the courage to step out of your car in costume....
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  SPOILER ALERT: Mild spoilers from the TV series, Game of Thrones. In our last installment, we caught up with the Lannisters, who’ve been busily paying their debts with the common currencies of Westeros: treachery, betrayal, and greed.   We turn now to House Stark, who lack the insane panache of...
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The competition for the Iron Throne is fierce and deadly, but Daenerys Targaryen has been a fan favorite from day one. The exiled princess from the fallen Targaryen dynasty was first introduced to Game of Thrones fans as the subject of an arranged marriage to Khal Drogo. However, a lot has...
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