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Brand Land

Everyone remembers Furbys, right? Those owl-like talking toys with the big ears and all-seeing eyes? Well, as it turns out, they do not become less creepy as the years go by. But they have gained a certain amount of cult-like respect that means some very interesting Furby-inspired art exists. Swedish...
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How does one survive winter without Chapstick? The trusty tube of Chapstick has stuck with us through extreme misplacements, laundry cycles, bag changes, and so much more. But these lip-savers have a life outside your back pocket...specifically in the art world! This piece is a PSA for proper lip care, as...
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A few days ago, we posted an article about amazing Sriracha themed artwork, including these incredible Srirarcha-inspired fire extinguishers:   Image source: sket-one.com We know! Don't you just want one of these extinguishers now?!? The artist of these extinguishers, Sket One, has been known to embrace other condiments as well. In fact,...
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  Peeps are the beloved marshmallow treat that has become a staple in Easter baskets across North America. For most people, Peeps are solely meant for a springtime sugar high. However, brand artists have found an outside the box way to celebrate these confectionary concoctions.  Talk about re-inventing the classics. This...
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You’re in the final stretch of an intense Scrabble game. You’re trailing by 2 points with no tiles left in the bag and no place to put your 4 Us and J. What do you do? Well, these artists are racking up the points by turning their left over pieces...
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