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Brand Land

 The spring holiday of Passover is upon us, celebrating the emancipation of the ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt. To commemorate the holiday, these 10 fan artists exercised their artistic freedom and found rich material both through favorite fandoms and iconic brands that have come to symbolize the holiday in modern...
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From PCs and Game Boys to iPhones and graphing calculators, Tetris can be played nearly anywhere at anytime. It really isn’t surprising that Tetris has managed to transcend the screen to the art world. Who knew four-block combinations could be so exciting? When a line is completed, does a staircase get...
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So you’ve worn out your favorite pair of jeans but throwing them away just doesn't feel right. What better way to honor your lovely Levi’s than by turning them into amazing pieces of art? These artists put their Levi’s to the test to create some denim masterpieces.  This wave is...
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McDonald’s is one of the most universally recognized brands on the planet. The giant M in the sky is a beacon for fast food enthusiasts, road trippers, and rushed parents alike. These artists pay homage to the golden arches of our dreams. This porcelain piece is probably worth at least a...
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Oreos are for more than just eating nowadays. These artists were able to resist the lure of cookie and cream long enough to make something delicious. Harley Langberg’s body of work includes a plethora of food-ified work, including some famous faces and fluffy friends.  Image Source: harleysfoodart.com This Oreo definitely wins...
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