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Brand Land

Wonder Bread has been in our lives since the 1920s, its primary-colored packaging a classic sign that lunch is on the way. However, for these artists, Wonder Bread is more than the vessel for a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. Artist Catherine McEver uses slices of Wonder Bread as a...
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Sriracha is like the Kleenex of the hot sauce world. With its green cap and signature rooster, both hot sauce junkies and hot sauce rejecters alike can recognize Sriracha from a table away. It’s no wonder, then, that artists have found inspiration from the hot sauce bottle on every restaurant table...
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Crayons are a staple of childhood. So what happens when you grow out of coloring books and coloring between the lines? Use the crayons to make ridiculously extravagant sculptures, of course. One of Crayola’s slogans is “Everything Imaginable.” For Nashville-based artist Herb Williams, everything imaginable means using Crayola crayons to...
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Remember when you were a little kid and you would make designs out of your cornflakes? Well then you will be happy to learn that you are not alone. NY artist Sarah Rosado still plays with her food, to a wonderfully creative effect.  A daily consumer of cornflakes, Rosado was...
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Ever cut the label out of the neck of your sweater or the waistband of your pants? Joy Pitts would make you think twice about just throwing that scratchy tag in the trash. Pitts is an artist based in Nottingham, England that collects clothing labels from thrift shops and discarded...
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