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Old School Video Game Inspires New Age Art

From PCs and Game Boys to iPhones and graphing calculators, Tetris can be played nearly anywhere at anytime. It really isn’t surprising that Tetris has managed to transcend the screen to the art world. Who knew four-block combinations could be so exciting?

When a line is completed, does a staircase get shorter?


Image Source: streetartutopia.com

These nails may be impractical, but they look like a good time.


Image Source: kayleighoc.deviantart.com

This stained glass piece is getting a little too close to the top…


Image Source: ianvisits.co.uk

No one wants to be that guy, but someone’s got to be that guy.


Image Source: society6.com

There’s something symbolic here about how we, as people, are all the same four blocks in different combinations. And if we work at it, we can fit together. Alternatively, it’s just a really cool looking map.

5 MAP 

Image Source: fodrizzle.com

Is walking underneath these giant Tetris pieces what game over feels like?


Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Do you have some Tetris inspired art? Show off your geometric skills in our gallery!



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