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Not All Those Who Wonder are Bread

Wonder Bread has been in our lives since the 1920s, its primary-colored packaging a classic sign that lunch is on the way. However, for these artists, Wonder Bread is more than the vessel for a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.

Artist Catherine McEver uses slices of Wonder Bread as a canvas to embroider upon.

1 FISHBREAD  1426874581 72035

Image Source:  stuffyoucanthave.blogspot.com

Bread and embroidery may not be a typical pairing, but the outcome is rather “bread”-taking.

2 VANGOGHBREAD  1426874635 31677

Image Source: stuffyoucanthave.blogspot.com

Recycling aficionado, Diane Kurzyna, goes for the gluten-free approach when using Wonder Bread bags for her art. The artist utilizes the bags to create sculptures of humans and animals.

3 PUPPY  1426874685 11344

Image Source: Flickr

4 LADY  1426874713 35318

Image Source: Flickr

5 BABIES  1426874737 84129

Image Source:  Flickr

Milena Korolczuk smushes slices into intricate busts. These guys have some serious bread head.

6 BREADHEAD1  1426874755 16733

Image Source: 4rtgallery.blogspot.com 

7 BREADHEAD2  1426874780 12032

Image Source: 4rtgallery.blogspot.com

Wondering what to do with your bread art? Upload it to our gallery so we can take a bite out of it!


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