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We’ll see two new gay characters on the hyper-popular MTV series Teen Wolf when it returns on June 5, according to TVLine. For many fans interested in seeing more LGBT representation in their genre favorites, this came as welcome news, but many other fans are wondering what the show intends to...
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What would happen if Pokémon were free to behave as humans do? According to Pictogram, a design company based in the San Francisco Mission district, the first thing they’d do is start their own businesses. Dutch interface designer Sebastiaan de With imagined a world in which a fictional “Pokémon Corporate Personhood...
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It’s been a long eight months, but for Orphan Black fans, the wait is almost over. The season three trailer dropped this week and most of you, like myself, have probably re-watched it 15 times. But Orphan Black is one of those delightfully hard to define shows, and if you’re not...
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This morning we learned that Sci-Fi icon and beloved actor Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. Loved by many as the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock on Star Trek, Nimoy warmed hearts for generations. Spock's phrase "Live long and prosper" began as a Star Trek-ism, but became much larger than...
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Last week the Internets went crazy when the bleak, horrendous existence that is The Walking Dead got a little shot of hope. A mysterious stranger named Aaron turned up with not only applesauce, S'getti Rings, and bottled water, but another, perhaps more important commodity: a reminder of what TLA looks like....
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