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The Walking Dead returns on February 8th for the second half of Season 5, and we’re all still recovering from (SPOILER ALERT) the demise of hope in the form of Beth Greene. And although there is some solace in having the gang reunited and “surviving together,” one might worry that the already bleak situation will fade to black as the group follows Rick Grimes lead as he extolls, “we do what we need to do… and then, we get to live.” 

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If you haven't been watching Bee and PuppyCat, then you are missing out on many things, including the hilarious musings of out-of-work, 20-something Bee, trippy weirdness from her adopted alien hybrid pet, PuppyCat, intergalactic temp jobs and babysitting gigs, and even "magical sparkle transformations." Created by Natasha Allegri for Cartoon Hangover,...
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Fall Out Boy's latest studio album, American Beauty/American Psycho, has just been released, and fans are already going... well, pretty/crazy. And you know what else is both beautiful and psychotic? The amount of amazing fan art produced by 14 years of devoted fans. It would probably take Centuries (lol) to go...
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Claire Novak is the newest fan favorite character on Supernatural, a show full of fan faves. On the series for all of two episodes already, her angsty teenage spirit and iconic hairstyle has captured the imagination of the Supernatural fandom. i would die on a battlefield for claire novak — jodie...
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The internet broke into pieces with the news that Fox is bringing you back everyone's favorite 90's supernatural conspiracy show, The X-Files, for a six-episode revival. Today's genre fans owe so much to The X-Files – the show was a shippers' paradise, blazing trails for online fan communities, and making strides...
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