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The Supernatural fandom is thriving, well-organized, and bursting with art. At this moment, several separate Supernatural fanart artbooks are available for fans to enjoy. S is an anthology artbook featuring art from over 30 Supernatural fan artists. (See a full list of the artists involved on Tumblr. With 70 full-color pages and a...
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It’s been three years since Game of Thrones captured the hearts and minds of tv viewers everywhere. With regicide, incest, and dragons, Game of Thrones has become the primary cause of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for many. Spoilers have caused rifts in friendships and viewing parties. Nothing crushes a...
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When was the last time you called your sibling? Yesterday... or maybe a year ago? Well, April 10th is National Siblings Day and we suggest you crack open your favorite fandom and celebrate. Even if your sibling doesn’t understand your fandom.   Image Source: giphy.com Regardless, your favorite fictional siblings might say...
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This time of year is always tough. Between the return of Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and Mad Men it’s easy to have great shows slip through the cracks. If you are like me, then last season you missed Starz’s new drama Outlander. Outlander is a time-traveling historical drama where a...
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It was 1985 when John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club hit theaters. Telling the tale of five drastically different high school students, the film closed with Simple Minds’ iconic lyrics, “Don’t you forget about me.”  Trust us, the fans haven’t. It’s been three decades and fans across the globe still relate to...
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