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After six seasons of stage lights, solos, and singing their feelings, the cast of Glee will dance their last number this week. That means bidding a tearful adieu to Mr. Schue and the ragtag group of extremely dramatic students in his ridiculously misnamed “glee” club. But there’s one character who we’ll...
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  My childhood was filled with afternoon viewings of Disney VHS classics. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were critical touchstones of my youth. But as much as I loved those old tapes, as I grew up, I wondered why the damsels were always in distress? Surely, Disney could do better. ...
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Yes ladies, it’s Women’s Herstory Month. And we’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate the women who lighten our lives on a daily basis. (Not that we needed an excuse.) There remains the absurd misconception among some cretins the comedy world that women aren’t funny. Even some of the greats...
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Yesterday we featured an article about the top ten best butts in fandom, with a tongue-in-cheek ranking of the top ten fan favorite butts, as illustrated by fan artists. The debate on the ranking of the butts continues on Facebook and Tumblr, but there’s one question that remains: Why are all the...
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It’s no secret that fandom loves a great butt. Whether it’s decked out in tight black denim, medieval leather, or starfleet regulation, a good butt is always a good thing. In the spirit of Tina Belcher, I present with complete sincerity and appreciation, the Very Important Official list of the Top...
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