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Elizabeth Lanier

Elizabeth Lanier

Elizabeth Lanier is an avid brunch enthusiast, writer and aspiring beat boxer. By "aspiring" she means she still cannot beat box yet. You can stalk her on various social media platforms @liztalks2much

Lumpy Space Princess, from the wildly popular animated series Adventure Time, is a princess cloud full of sass, arrogance and lumps that won’t quit. She loves her cloudy form and isn’t afraid to show it. She’s body-positive, and doesn’t care what you think. The Adventure Time fandom is quite taken with...
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The Belchers are everyone’s favorite all-American animated family. We can’t get enough of their quirky and humorous antics in attempts to get their family restaurant more business. From Bob to Louise, every member of the family is more lovable and absurd than the last. Unfortunately, one character is overlooked more than...
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If you haven't been watching Bee and PuppyCat, then you are missing out on many things, including the hilarious musings of out-of-work, 20-something Bee, trippy weirdness from her adopted alien hybrid pet, PuppyCat, intergalactic temp jobs and babysitting gigs, and even "magical sparkle transformations." Created by Natasha Allegri for Cartoon Hangover,...
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