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Blog posts tagged in killer fan art
Given that Valentine’s Day was essentially an early expression of fandom – it began either as a celebration of various martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus OR as the Christian version of the Pagan feast Lupercalia… with loads of classic artwork depicting both of these angels – the best way to...
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“Carry on Wayward Son” is more than just an anthem for Supernatural. For nine years, it’s largely been a show about wayward sons. And brothers. And fathers. But rarely women. Sure, there’ve been memorable women on the show in the past, but generally, they serve a brief purpose, then they’re killed...
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One Directioner Zayn Malik cannot stop tweeting his own fan art. And it’s adorable. Earlier this month, the Bradford Bad Boy began changing his Twitter icon to fan art of himself. It’s no surprise, he’s long been known as the art-lover of the group, the walls of his house covered in...
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For those of us who’ve been watching our Twin Peaks DVDs on repeat since that day that they were released, the news that David Lynch and Mark Frost are working on new episodes for 2016 is a true television miracle. To tide us over like a sweet slice of cherry pie, ...
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Hollywood could take a lesson or two (or seven) from these fan artists. These posters look better than most of the billboards I’ve seen along Sunset Boulevard. 1. The Maze Runner Loaded with easter eggs, hidden details, and (careful!) spoilers, this poster was made by a true Maze Runner fan (http://bloodygreenie.tumblr.com/). But...
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