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Snap, Crackle, Art!

Food artist Jessica Siskin takes playing with your food to a whole new level. Her Instagram account, mister_krisp, is chock full o' her amazing, edible Rice Krispie Treat sculptures. From pets to emojis to other every day goods, mister_krisp is insta-delish. 

Number Crunching

Math has never gone down so easily...

1 calculator

A Well-Balanced (and Snappy!) Meal

Rice Krispies... not just for breakfast anymore. 

2 meal

A Pup with Pop

Awfully cute, but the side-by-side makes us slightly less interested in eating it.

3 dog

Cracklin' Condiment

Spicy Rice Krispies? Why not! Krispy Sriracha would fit right in with this other Sriracha-inspired art.

4 sriracha

Snap Dancer

It takes two to tango -- so how about washing her down with a tall glass of milk?

5 dancing

Meta Creativity

The original inspiration for all of this incredbily artwork!

6 ricekrispie

All images from misterkrisp.



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