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75 Years of Batman!

This year DC entertainment and Batman fans worldwide are celebrating the Caped Crusader’s 75th anniversary. In honor of this historic occasion One-Shot Gallery in New York asked fans to submit their work to an exhibition called “Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot.” Check out some of our favorite pieces from the show.

Joker's Wild!

Alex Leighton’s Joker delightfully emphasizes the comical aspects of the super-villain, though we still wouldn’t want to mess around with this maniac.

faf alex leighton - joker

Courtesy: http://xander13.com https://www.facebook.com/xanderthurteen / http://xanderthurteen.tumblr.com

Riddle Me This...

In The Riddler Jason Chalker portrays the Batman adversary with an expression as quizzical as his personality.

faf jason chalker the riddler

Courtesy: http://www.manlyart.com and https://twitter.com/ManlyArt

Fear The Scarecrow

Even the most brazen creatures would stay away from M.S. Corley’s Scarecrow.

faf mscorley scarecrowCourtesy: https://twitter.com/corleyms / http://mscorley.tumblr.com

Scratching the Fashion Itch

Celeste Pille’s Poison Ivy: Vogue Gallery represents the villainess equally as fashionable as she is evil.

faf celeste pille - poison ivy vogue galleryCourtesy: http://celestedoodles.tumblr.com

Glacial Gotham

Polar Bears might be used to Mr. Freeze’s favorite weather, but it’s surprising that anything can survive in Beau Berkley’s Frozen City.

faf beau berkley-frozen city
Courtesy: http://www.beauberkley.com

Color Me Bad

Huong Tran sure has some unbelievable carving skills! No one better try to use these crayons!


Courtesy: http://hqtran.tumblr.com

Clay Date

Only the biggest fool would mess with Cuyler Smith’s Clayface.

faf cuyler smith clayface
Courtesy: http://www.cuylersmith.com



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