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Normally for the Find of the Week, we shine a spotlight on inspiring brand and fan art, but today we are turning it on ourselves to celebrate the launch of FIND ME I’M YOURS -- the innovative, art-filled, multi-platform entertainment experience and eBook novel that includes Worship the Brand in its story. (Well, storyverse to be exact).

cover 750

FIND ME I'M YOURS is a highly entertaining, unconventional, virtual page-turner that features stunning artwork, handwritten lists, Instagram photos, original videos, and 33 custom-designed websites (including Worship the Brand!) that include web series and so much more.

The protagonist, Mags Marclay, is an offbeat, wry, relatable, 24-year-old struggling artist living in L.A.. Mags’ life is forever changed when, through a serendipitous turn of events, she is led on a treasure hunt to find her soul mate. You’ll become immersed in Mags’ hunt for love as you enjoy the art, videos, and endless opportunities to connect, engage, interact, and share your own content on sites like Worship the Brand.

Created, written, and designed by visual artist and writer Hillary Carlip and co-created, directed, and produced by Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated TV comedy writer/producer/director and Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop Leader Maxine Lapiduss (aka the founders of this site!), FIND ME I'M YOURS is a game changer in the way that stories are told and experienced.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the art and craft of FIND ME I’M YOURS. Download this incredible “CLICK LIT” experience today at your favorite online bookseller (http://findmeimyours.com/how-to-get-and-read-the-book) for just $6.99, and find out how Worship the Brand fits into the storyverse!


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