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A Brand-inspired DIY Ornament You Can Make in as Little Time as It Takes to Drink a Coke!

Want to do the holidays up DIY style?  There are endless possibilities for artists and crafters.  For instance:

Elaborate felt owls.

felt owls

Whimsical light bulb snowmen.

lightbulb snowmen

Or even a fancy book page floral ornament.

book flower

But what if you’re not so crafty?  Or don’t have much time on your hands, and want to make something quickly?  Whipping up a homemade ornament for your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush is a snap if you do it BRAND-STYLE, and follow these simple instructions from the DIY Diva, Hilary Shepard.  

Make a DIY Coca-Cola Crown for Your Tree.


• Two pairs of good, sharp scissors – one small pair for the detail work, one bigger pair for the rest.
• A hot glue gun.
• Your fav brand soda can (aside from loving the caffeine/sugar buzz of a Coke, I like the can for its perfect Christmas red color)

ornament500 1


1) Wash out the can.

2) Poke a hole in the top and bottom of it, and then take your smaller scissor and cut them out being careful not to crush the delicate top of your aluminum cylinder.

ornament 2

3) Use your bigger scissors to cut straight along the ingredients list.

ornament 3

4) Cut a 1/4 inch off on top and bottom of the tin to be able to flatten the crown. Use the color mark as a guide!

ornament 4

5) Cut up and down the can in a zig-zag in order to make the points of the crown.  Keep in mind that you’ll need two halves to put together to make the topper.

ornament500 5

6) Now use your glue gun to put the ends together, forming a perfect CROWN!!

ornament 6 500

7) Top your tree with your fabulous Coke can topper, and enjoy!

Happy holidays from the DIY Diva and Worship the Brand!

Look for Super Fan Party Plan! hosted by Hilary Shepard, the DIY Diva, coming soon on www.Bridalville.com!


Photo credits:

Felt owls: http://juicy-bits.typepad.com/juicy_bits/2009/12/131-give-a-hoot-for-the-holidays.html

Light bulb snowmen: http://www.amazinginteriordesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/DIY-Light-Bulb-Snowman-1.jpg

Book page floral ornament: https://www.etsy.com/listing/85809899/christmas-ornament-holiday-decoration?ref=exp_listing

Coke Can Topper pics courtesy of the DIY Diva

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