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What does Pillsbury mean to you? Flaky biscuits? Warm cookies? If nothing else, it probably means the well-loved and giggly Pillsbury Doughboy. The Pillsbury Doughboy (whose real name is Poppin' Fresh... who knew!?) has been in the kitchen and on household televisions since 1965, adding an extra pinch of happiness to...
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  What do video games and woodworking have in common? They're both super exciting! These artists have managed to combine their love of gaming and wood to create something beautiful. Now you can be connected to nature, as well as your COD team. Who knew videogames could look so earthy? Ben...
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Despite becoming less and less common, red Netflix envelopes have made especially vibrant canvases for movie-loving artists. Doodlefix is a blog devoted to the art created on Netflix envelopes. Whether these doodles happened while watching Pride and Prejudice or while waiting in line to return a DVD at the post office, they serve as a nice way to remember the red envelope.

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Morton's Salt Umbrella Girl® is over a century old, but she's aged beautifully. Originally designed in 1911 by N.W. Ayer & Co. for the Morton Salt Company to promote its new product – freely flowing salt that came out of a round container with a patented pouring spout – the Umbrella Girl...
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Carolyn Davidson, the artist who designed the iconic Nike swoosh, was initially paid just $35 for her work. (Nike founder Phil Knight eventually upped her ante with a gold and diamond ring engraved with the swoosh, and 500 shares of Nike stock, now worth much more than that original fee.) The...
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