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Can You Connect The Dots Of This Spotted Street Art?

We keep seeing it. An image of a tattooed arm with dots and numbers has been popping up across the globe. Could this be the work of renowned graffiti artist Banksy? Maybe...maybe not.

We can’t confirm that the pieces are by the incredible artist, but we can confirm that they are incredibly cool. Here are the top-spotted locations we’ve seen so far. 

The poster was first snapped at a construction site in Brooklyn.

Worship Brooklyn Bridge 1

It next appeared in two different locations in Amsterdam. If you blinked you’d probably miss it mid-boat ride.

Worship Amsterdam

Can you find the hidden poster in this shot?

Worship Graffiti in Amsterdam 2

London hipsters are all about this street art. Bonus points for anyone who can identify what street they’re on!

Worship London 1

Oh, Canada that poster looks quite at home in Montreal. PLEASE don’t take it down.

Worship Montreal 2

With so many posters in so many different locations, we speculate that this couldn’t be the work of just one artist rather it is the work of a powerful organization. OK, I’ll say it... the Illuminati?! 

If you see these posters in your city or town be sure to tweet your spotting @worshipthebrand. Happy Hunting!


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