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Bringing Fantasy Into the Real World

Hogwarts is probably the coolest school in the world, but it’s a bit of a hassle, too, between the dementors, the ghosts, the revolving door of Defense Against the Dark Arts professors.

What if you could still hang out with your favorite fantasy characters without all the drama and danger of fantasy worlds? Enter Modern AU fan art. Here are some of your favorites.

Harry Potter

Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally take off their robes and mix patterns like pros. Even in the modern world, that Gryffindor scarf still works.

sept26 faf modernau harrypotter

Courtesy of: http://marikaart.tumblr.com

Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister puts down the wine and picks up the blue stuff.

sept26 faf modernau tyrion

Courtesy of: http://aarongriffinart.deviantart.com


Elphaba in a sweet snapback and Glinda with a Wicked set of bangs. That side eye carries almost too much sexual tension to handle. Alllmost. Quick, someone show me the way to this Oz.

sept26 faf modernau wicked

Courtesy of: http://spaciegelphs.tumblr.com


Finally, these Disney divas are part of our world with scrunchies and turquoise pants. These neon ladies look like they’re about to spend some quality time with Zach Morris down at The Max.


Lord of the Rings

Just imagine skinny-jeaned Fíli and Kíli owning a flower shop together, perhaps somewhere sweet and humble, like downtown Lake-Town.

sept26 faf modernau filikili

Courtesy of: http://hvit-ravn.tumblr.com

How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup in argyle and glasses with Toothless as a kitty-sized bundle of snuggles? This is one dragon I’d love to train myself.

sept26 faf modernau hiccup

Courtesy of: http://artiephishfartie.tumblr.com

Got more Modern AU fan art? Upload it to our Gallery, and then tweet me your coffeeshop AU fics @fanartbritta.


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