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“...Mexicana Acoustica resonates with the history and culture of Mexico. Taking inspiration from the ʻMariachiʼ design, the guitar features a curved back, adding depth and character to the overall sound execution; painstakingly carved from the barrel staves.
The most pertinent attribute, being the soundhole, establishes a life-force of the guitar as a working instrument and is metaphorically represented by the HERRADURA (horseshoe).
The stylised second soundhole and headstock are reminiscent of the famous blue agave, used to make the signature tequila.
Primarily, the Mexican Jug informed my design choices whilst still maintaining symbolism of a liquid-carrying vessel, much alike the barrel.
On the reverse, a map of Mexico highlights the specific location of the HERRADURA foundation and captures the essence of the Mexican spirit...”
Luthier, Artist and Musician, CYNOSURE, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southampton Solent University in the United Kingdom. Graduating ‘summa-cum-laude’, he majored in Film Studies, Visual Art and Music.

Originally from England, CYNOSURE relocated to Miami, FL in 2010 to further his craft and refine his artistic vision. His medium of Art pertains to musical instruments, specifically the Electric Guitar.
Deconstructing and re-imagining this instrument, he has conceptualized and created a series of Postmodernistic Art Guitars. These works of art dichotomize Science-Fiction aesthetics with full musical functionality; often re-purposing materials and assuming new idiosyncrasies.

Since his arrival in the United States, CYNOSURE’s work has been exhibited during Internationally-acclaimed music festivals, both in the UK and the US, and had the pleasure of having some of the most revered musicians and artists in the Industry admire and play his instruments. Also, CYNOSURE GUITARS have been featured in a myriad of magazine articles, online forums and industry websites, both in music and visual arts. Taking inspiration from cult films, literature, music and surrealism, CYNOSURE is re-defining the Guitar as “working, playable Art...”

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