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Kill Bill The Bride vs. O-Ren Ishii

O-Ren Ishii: "You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?"
The Bride: "You know, for a second there, yeah, I kinda did."

This was a request we had from someone very important to one of us, so we made it as a birthday present for her. We're now releasing it to the public for everyone to enjoy! It's one of Quentin Tarantino's finest works, Kill Bill! The two women clash their steel as the snow falls gently in the background. This poster was inspired by the iconic fight scene between the Bride and O-Ren Ishii at the end of Kill Bill vol. 1.

We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we did creating it.
We are Artichoke Designs, two dudes who have a passion for design and want to share it with the world! We specialize in custom movie posters, but will also take commissions for invitations, menus as well as other types of posters (video games, musicians, TV shows, etc.)


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