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8 Items from Lucy Sparrow's Cornershop

BL LS MainPhoto 9 9 14Lucy Sparrow is an artist based in London who explores her “feltism” through objects she handcrafts entirely out of felt and wool. Here are some of the most deliciously desirable from the shop:

1 & 2 -- Everyone’s favorite British candy bar Flake…. and it’s healthier cousin, the smiling banana.

BL LS Photo1 9 9 14
3 & 4 -- What the hell is a cheese salad sandwich? We can only imagine that it pairs nicely with some Spam.

BL LS Photo2 9 9 14

5 & 6 -- Durex Extra Safe, Extra Thick Condoms intriguingly juxtaposed with Durex Tropical Favored condoms. All the fixin’s for a safe ‘n tasty evening!
BL LS Photo3 9 9 14
7 & 8 A Bottle of Jameson whiskey and Alka-Setlzer for the morning after.

BL LS Photo4 9 9 14

Truthfully, we covet EVERYTHING in Lucy's Sparrow's Cornershop! She is also one of our very first Gallery artists. Click here to see her take on the only way to play Mario Brothers, Nintendo!

For more on Lucy Sparrow, check out her website


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