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Cliturgy: a painting satirically mimicking sex-centric Cosmopolitan magazine covers.

Angelina Keating is a Chicago-based mixed media artist. She is an Art History and Art Theory and Practice graduate from Northwestern University and has also studied painting at The Slade School of Fine Art within The University College London. She hopes to continue her education in a post-graduate doctoral program and continue to create and sell her art.

Artist Statement:

My work explores communication and the boundaries between what is presented, what is implied, and what is suppressed. Using ambiguous language, chiefly concentrating on pronouns, short phrases, and grammatical imperatives, I work to place the viewers within the narrative while simultaneously keeping them disconnected from the explicit and specific details. Viewers project their own experiences onto the words while feeling the frustration that comes along with the emotions of an intimate relationship, not knowing if what they feel is coming from within them or from the work itself. The subjectivity of language is exposed in the process. Recently, I have been exploring language through a narrative that has been constructed by both the consequences of these communication failures and the external societal tendencies of consumer culture. Through this, I bring up feminist issues associated with the gender roles supported by this culture.

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