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Blog posts tagged in art
  Peeps are the beloved marshmallow treat that has become a staple in Easter baskets across North America. For most people, Peeps are solely meant for a springtime sugar high. However, brand artists have found an outside the box way to celebrate these confectionary concoctions.  Talk about re-inventing the classics. This...
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You’re in the final stretch of an intense Scrabble game. You’re trailing by 2 points with no tiles left in the bag and no place to put your 4 Us and J. What do you do? Well, these artists are racking up the points by turning their left over pieces...
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We keep seeing it. An image of a tattooed arm with dots and numbers has been popping up across the globe. Could this be the work of renowned graffiti artist Banksy? Maybe...maybe not. We can’t confirm that the pieces are by the incredible artist, but we can confirm that they are...
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Wonder Bread has been in our lives since the 1920s, its primary-colored packaging a classic sign that lunch is on the way. However, for these artists, Wonder Bread is more than the vessel for a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. Artist Catherine McEver uses slices of Wonder Bread as a...
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Ever cut the label out of the neck of your sweater or the waistband of your pants? Joy Pitts would make you think twice about just throwing that scratchy tag in the trash. Pitts is an artist based in Nottingham, England that collects clothing labels from thrift shops and discarded...
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Alex Chinneck is a British artist who specializes in distorting people’s perceptions. In order to do this, Chinneck has theatrically manipulated familiar architectural scenarios. In the past, he has inverted buildings and made them look like their facades are melting or sliding into the street. He has also made a...
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  Ever wish that antlers grew in the form of luxury logos? Peter Gronquist is your man. Gronquist is a Portland, Oregon based artist whose Neo-Baroque work explores, what he refers to as, “hyper-American culture.” He frequently uses taxidermy animals in his work to represent innocence and gilded guns to represent...
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Pantone Guides are books of thin cardboard color swatches that artists, designers, printers and manufacturers use to “color match” when a design enters its production stage... i.e. they ensure that you are painting lavender instead of eggplant by accident. Different printing equipment and computers can have different ideas of what a...
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The Walking Dead returns on February 8th for the second half of Season 5, and we’re all still recovering from (SPOILER ALERT) the demise of hope in the form of Beth Greene. And although there is some solace in having the gang reunited and “surviving together,” one might worry that the already bleak situation will fade to black as the group follows Rick Grimes lead as he extolls, “we do what we need to do… and then, we get to live.” 

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