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Artist: Zeren Badar


RAISINETS Elephants and Sitting Bear A quirky spin on some Blue Elephants and old time candy that is spewing forth plastic and diamonds? Altered 12" recycled record painted with acrylic paint. Collage with various found printed material and plastics. Thanks for stopping by S.T.A.R. This piece among lots of colorful others are available for purchase at

Artist: Star

The Cast of Golden...

The cast of Golden Girls in miniature- 4 1/2 inches tall, (11.4 cm) Created by Debbie Ritter- artist @

Artist: Debbie Ritter

Bowie: The Flash

David Bowie painted portrait. Acrylics on A3 canvas. One-of-a-kind original artwork. Available for sale at

Artist: Natasha Knight-Kristoffersen

Frank's Red Hot

This is a deliciously enormous paper mache sculpture of Frank's Red Hot cayenne pepper sauce....

Artist: Amanda Paolucci

Lego Tide

What better way to get those LEGO t-shirts clean than with LEGO Tide. This piece has a functioning hinged lid and even 1x1 round plate LEGO detergent inside....

Artist: David Haliski

True Detective

I love retro comic illustrations and so I turned the episodes of the show into the covers of retro pulp comic/novels....

Artist: Reuben Dangoor

Crazy Eyes

A caricature of Susan Warren aka Crazy Eyes (as played by Uzo Aduba) from the original Netflix show, "Orange is the New Black."...

Artist: Anna & Dan Barrett
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