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Trudi Roth is a writer, playwright, and web developer. In her double secret life as a parent, she blogs at http://bitchinsuburbia.com.

  SPOILER ALERT: Mild spoilers from the TV series, Game of Thrones. In our last installment, we caught up with the Lannisters, who’ve been busily paying their debts with the common currencies of Westeros: treachery, betrayal, and greed.   We turn now to House Stark, who lack the insane panache of...
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 The spring holiday of Passover is upon us, celebrating the emancipation of the ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt. To commemorate the holiday, these 10 fan artists exercised their artistic freedom and found rich material both through favorite fandoms and iconic brands that have come to symbolize the holiday in modern...
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The marketing team at Mad Men called the second half of Season 7 simply, "the end of an era," but fans of Sterling, Cooper & Partners know that after "Waterloo," nothing will ever be the same. So while there isn't much more information about the last seven episodes in the series...
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There’s something about a dark and decimated world ruled by an oppressive regime marked by drudgery, conformity, and misery that brings out the best in some people. Ah, dystopia. If you’re the type that hates being trapped, tends to see the world for what it is – not what it’s projected...
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Last week the Internets went crazy when the bleak, horrendous existence that is The Walking Dead got a little shot of hope. A mysterious stranger named Aaron turned up with not only applesauce, S'getti Rings, and bottled water, but another, perhaps more important commodity: a reminder of what TLA looks like....
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Tagged in: The Walking Dead TWD

The Walking Dead returns on February 8th for the second half of Season 5, and we’re all still recovering from (SPOILER ALERT) the demise of hope in the form of Beth Greene. And although there is some solace in having the gang reunited and “surviving together,” one might worry that the already bleak situation will fade to black as the group follows Rick Grimes lead as he extolls, “we do what we need to do… and then, we get to live.” 

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If there were a Super Bowl for brand-inspired and fan art artists, Erin Lareau would be a shining star player. A costume and accessories designer who's been creating beautiful outfits, mics, stands, and guitars for Katy Perry since 2008, Erin's also worked with countless other luminaries including Taylor Swift, Pink, Slash,...
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