You're Never Gonna Want To Throw Away A Big Mac Box After Seeing This

McDonald’s is one of the most universally recognized brands on the planet. The giant M in the sky is a beacon for fast food enthusiasts, road trippers, and rushed parents alike. These artists pay homage to the golden arches of our dreams.

This porcelain piece is probably worth at least a few dollar menu items.


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All it takes to supersize this meal is a few more bricks.


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Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to hold too many McNuggets in this intricately cut out Happy Meal box.

 3 BOX

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The battle to ketchup or not to ketchup is strong in this piece.


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This delicate tree made out of (and inside of) a McDonald’s bag is about as polar opposite of supersized as possible.


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Stain glass is not only for church windows but for your Happy Meal as well.


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Cause of death: fried.


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Are you more of an Arby’s artist? Show us your loyalties in our gallery!



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