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How Instant Ramen Changed the Art World

Today we celebrate what would have been Momofuku Ando’s 105 birthday. Ando, the inventor of the instant ramen, is remembered not only for his groundbreaking invention but also for the art he has inspired. In 2000, the instant ramen was voted as one of the country’s top inventions of the 20th Century. That’s some serious brand love!


Image Source: cdn0.vox-cdn.com

Starving Artists Meal Of Choice

Sarah Clement and her peers at MICA created an installation tribute to the food that has sustained artists for more than half a century. Dubbed Starving Artist, this installation incorporates the ramen with artistic themes of truth and love. We salute Clement and her fellow artists for their humor and creativity, but curse them for making us hunger for not just for those delicious and cheap curly noodles, but also for our own college days.


Image Source: sarahelizabethclement.com

Fan Art and Ramen: Instant Hit

Ever looked at your plate and thought, my food looks exactly like Harry Styles. No? Well, noodle enthusiast and artist, Sarah King, has created some amazing artwork that pairs her favorite celebs with favorite snack. Inspired by #NoodleDoodle, King went above and beyond with her celebrity, ramen masterpieces. I mean look what she did with Harry Styles from Wok Direction... sorry – we mean One Direction.


Image Source: pictures.zimbio.com

Tattooer and Foodie Incorporates Brand Love

Chris Brand, a foodie and ramen fanatic, has created some gorgeous pieces celebrating the deliciousness that is ramen. Chris and his wife Jackie even took a tour across Japan to try some of the best ramen the country had to offer. An eclectic artist, Brand incorporates his passion for noodles into both his paintings and tattoo work – to delightful (and delicious!) results!


Image Source: knivesandneedlesblogdotcom.files.wordpress.com


Image Source: knivesandneedlesblogdotcom.files.wordpress.com



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